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Revolutionizing healthcare through
innovative biotechnology solutions

About Us

We are a Houston-based biotech company developing safe and effective drugs that selectively target new mechanisms-of-action to reverse age-related muscle weakness (sarcopenia), Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and muscular dystrophies.

Photo by Katie Haugland Bowen

Our Science

We are committed to leading the development of first-in-class, highly-selective, and potent small molecule inhibitors of nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT), a cytosolic enzyme highly expressed in select tissue (e.g., adipocytes, hepatocytes, muscle), where it plays a critical role in regulating energy metabolism and epigenetic pathways.​

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Ridgeline Therapeutics is creating transformative once-daily oral drugs to treat numerous global chronic health problems including musculoskeletal disorders and metabolic diseases.


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